Calimax Modeller Software "Good bye"

eine Band

After more than ten years calimax modeller I finished my activities related to calimax modeller. The reason because I started programming calimax was, to have a 3d program able to make POV-Ray skripts. But today we have more than one good program to built 3d graphics. My favourites are freeware programs like Moray or blender.

But if you want to use Calimax Modeller feel free to download it from here (see right).

I you are looking for good 3d programs visit the official POV-Ray site.

Blender A fantastic tool to built 3d animations

andere Band

If you are looking for a good and free (!) 3d animation program, so it would be a good idea to try blender.

Blender was a commercial program in the past. But today blender is free.

What Blender is able to do you can see on the site of the internet project "Elephants dream". The picture on the left is a screenshot from the animation movie built with Blender. (imagesource: Blender Foundation |